Some YouTube Video-Making Tips for Use on Your Website

September 15, 2011 Comments Off on Some YouTube Video-Making Tips for Use on Your Website

People are visual learners.  They can learn a lot about your product or service with a well-thought-out video. When visiting your website, the visitor can get a quick idea of what you do with a YouTube video.

Here are some tips for creating an effective YouTube video for your website:

  1. STORYBOARD: Create a storyboard and think through your message. This will save time in the end and keep you focussed. Simple and short is best.
  2. TIMING: Keep your video timed at one minute or less. Most viewers can commit to seeing a 60 second video. Any more that 60 seconds, they might not watch.
  3. MUSIC: Add interesting music; instrumental is preferred. Words could distract from the visual.
  4. PICTURES: Your picture quality should be excellent, not pixelated. This will demonstrated your professional approach, especially if you are featuring a product or service.
  5. PUBLIC: When creating your YouTube video, make the video “public” not “private” if you want non-youtube account holders to see it, too.
  6. FOCUS: Consider a theme.  Instead of general theme like “clothes” choose “caring for men’s neckties”.  This will focus the viewer on the area they are interested in the most and keep the video shorter. This way you can create a series of videos that will be focussed and useful.
  7. DEDICATED: Have a dedicated account for your business or website. You do not want viewers to see your family vacations!
Have more tips for YouTube creations? Do share!

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