Photoshop Before and After

February 2, 2012 Comments Off on Photoshop Before and After

Photoshop Enhancements of Great Photos

Photoshop Scene Modification

Sometimes a brand name or the background scene can take away from the shot. By removing the background scene, one can focus on what they want to focus on…the cute dolphin! Here is a before and after of a scene at an amusement park.


Dolphin Photoshop Touch Up Before


Dolphin Photoshop Touch Up After

Model Photo Touch Up

For an ad campaign design that I did I did some photoshop retouching.  This model is lovely … but, I had a chance to clean up the photo some and enhance her eyes.  See the before and after in some detail here. Sometimes subtle enhancements can be made to make the models face seems brighter…more inviting…or more warm. Here is a before and after of a model for a magazine ad.


Photoshop Retouching Before by dightondesign


Photoshop Retouching After by


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