What Makes a Print Ad Successful?

June 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

To judge a print ad Michael Kristof, of kristocreative.com, has seven questions to keep in mind.

1. Did the print ad grab your attention?
With the average consumer being bombarded by thousands of messages on a daily basis, the ad must do something to attract the reader’s/viewer’s attention. In some cases, you have less than a second to do so.

2. Did the print ad hold your interest?
Did the headline hold your interest long enough to even care about reading more?

3. Did the print ad communicate quickly?
Did it communicate the message quickly and directly without making you guess what was going on? Or was there so much information on the page that it gave you a headache just looking at it?

4. Could you relate to the message?
Did the ad communicate its point in a way that you could understand or relate to? Note: When considering this point, it’s important to keep in mind you may not be the intended target audience. So in order to be objective, first consider who the product or service is directed to, then try and put yourself in their shoes.

5. Did the message create a desire for the product or service?
Each ad, on some level, should create a desire for the product by revealing appealing features or positive qualities about the product or service.

6. Did it have a specific call to action?
Did the ad ask you to do something? The only time an ad should not include a call to action is… well, never. An ad must always contain some sort of instruction to the reader. It may be as simple as a website address or phone number tucked into a corner, but it needs to have something.

7. Was the print ad memorable?
Did the ad affect you such a way that you actually remembered the advertisement and the product it was selling? Or did you only remember it because the monkey in the picture was wearing a coonskin hat?

Read Full Article Here: kristofcreative.com


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