Hire a Designer with Mad Skills

September 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Fran Linden, Graphic Designer Serving Businesses from Boston to Providence with Print Design and Web Design

As a freelance Print / Web Designer, I  LOVE what I do.  Do you need a designer that understand the graphic needs of your business? I would love to work with you to create the print designs or web designs your business needs. I am local, kind, and I offer great design solutions. I bring some mad skills to the table, too:


  1. Fran Loves Designing

    (not just earning a paycheck)

  2. Fran Has Excellent Technical Skills

    (Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign – for print or web)

  3. Fran Can Focus

    (stay on task, obsess over projects, doesn’t accept obstacles)

  4. Fran Can Learn

    (graduated from RISD, excellent at self-study)

  5. Fran Is Kind

    (with recommendations and evidenced by the fact that no one hires her only once)

  6. Fran Welcomes Critique

    (anything to make the project better)

  7. Fran Delivers

    (her aim is to produce a project to completion … on time)

  8. Fran is Local

    (between Boston and Providence)

  9. Fran Has a Studio

    (iMac Desktop, MacBook Pro Laptop, Wacom Tablet, Canon EOS, Xerox Printer)

  10. Fran Can Sing

    (well, keeps the studio humming anyway!)

Download Fran’s Resume, then give her a call: 508-967-7264 or email her fran@dightondesign.com


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