Need Good Photos for Pinterest?

September 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Fran Linden, Graphic Designer Serving Businesses from Boston to Providence with Print Design and Web Design

Harness the Power of Pinterest for Your Business

Hire me for the day to come and take photos of your product or business so you can encourage use of them on Pinterest. Included in this day of photography are the original photos saved on a jump drive for you to keep.

Here are some creative photos that could be taken of your business:

  1. Pictures of the exterior and or interior shots of your office, building or store.
  2. Pictures of the things around your office, building or store.
  3. Pictures of the things you make or sell.
  4. Pictures of happy customers or handwritten notes of thanks from your happy customers.
  5. Pictures of your staff serving customers or simply smiling at the camera.
  6. Pictures of events your business has participated in.
  7. Pictures of your logo or business signage.

We can come up with some creative ideas of ways that people will love to share on Pinterest! Use the social media power of Pinterest and get others to share your creative photos; promoting your business. Schedule our time today!

Download Fran’s Resume, then give her a call: 508-967-7264 or email her


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