Thoughtful Designs

July 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

Thoughtful Designs by Dighton DesignThoughtful designs are required for lasting impressions – designs that will stand the test of time. An excellent example of how a designer, or artist, considers the whole composition and what he wants the viewer to focus on is in the painting The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit by John Singer Sargent.

When you visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, you can see the painting and the actual vases that were used in the painting. You can see that John Singer Sargent seems to have muted the colors of the vases – as to not outshine the girls. Consequently, we remember the girls – their poses and expressions -not the vibrant and colorful vases.

“Designing for people is hard.” – Don Norman

Thoughtful designs consider the audience and the goal of the “art”. This is why I love being a creative professional. Creating brochure designs, advertising designs, graphic elements for a website, or logo designs requires thought – consideration – time. I embrace the challenges of the designing process. I am always learning something new and loving it! Currently I am obsessing over some thoughtful designs for local businesses – stay tuned for updates!

 TED Talks Video: Don Norman: The three ways that good design makes you happy


Here & Now Video, The Daughters Of Edward Darley Boit By John Singer Sargent

Who Is John Singer Sargent?



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