Understanding Facebook for Businesses

March 7, 2011 Comments Off on Understanding Facebook for Businesses

It seems that a business could have their own facebook page, but a fan page is really what they want.  A Profile page is intended for friends to share with friends, and a business would have less control over the content of their facebook page if they had a Profile Page vs a Fan Page.  In other words, the business’ friends  can put anything on their site.  As a business, they would not want that.   That could get nasty and very unprofessional.

Read this article about Profile Page vs Fan Page: How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing

Good examples of Fan Pages are:

Paperthin Portraits

Big Feet Pjs

Home Bargains

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Jones Pure Cane Soda

All of these have the ability for people to “like” their pages.  It is better suited for businesses.  Please, if you have learned more…please tell!

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Facebook Minisite Home Page for Dighton Design

Facebook Minisite Home Page for Dighton Design


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