The Upholstery Experiment, Down to Bare Wood

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The Upholstery Experiment, Stage 2

When you take something apart, you can really learn a lot. You can appreciate the beauty of the shape when you see the bare wood.  I love the shape of this chair. The dark stained part is the only exposed wood. I have been sanding the legs and arms down to the natural wood color and I like it. I might keep it natural-looking … sort of like Restoration Hardware would.

I am at the point of deciding on final fabric .. I love the linen texture and natural colors.  I think it would nice with the natural wood color of the exposed legs and arms. This is my inspiration … The Josephine Chair of Restoration Hardware.

The Upholstery Experiment Inspiration1



The Upholstery Experiment

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The Upholstery Experiment 1
A Graphic Designer must always keep learning … and embrace design challenges for print, web or manual craft! I have always wanted to learn to reupholster a chair. I found this great channel-back chair with wood trim, probably from the 50’s.  It is comfortable to sit in with its curved back and side arms. It is a classic and clean design … but needed to be reupholstered. I am taking this opportunity to embrace the challenge. I have enrolled in a class to learn to reupholster this chair. There are about 8 – 10 other students, each with their own chair-challenge.  Last night was my first class.  My hands are sore from pulling the fabric off, removing the tacks and gluing the lose joints (after using the mallet convincer).  It is tightly drying and ready for my next class!
Follow the progress: The Upholstery Experiment

Cheers to all who Embrace Challenges!

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