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A Boston Area Web Design Company is Busy Designing Websites

Website designs can take different formats. Some companies are ready for a full launch and a quick turn-around. Some are overwhelmed by the thought of gathering materials and keeping the site updated. There are simple design solutions if your company desires to keep it simple. A Good designer can plan and strategize with you to create the website that best meets your needs. Dighton Design has designed Full Websites, Landing Pages and Coming Soon Pages. The benefits to starting off with a simple Landing Page is that it gives your business an online presence with some information that you do not have to manage. This allows time to gather the elements you need when you are ready for the full site. A Coming Soon Page allows for a teaser and time. Here are some examples of  Coming Soon Page Designs, Landing Page Designs and Full Website Designs.

Coming Soon Page: Coming Soon Page Design for a Talented Dancer

What is Wariah? At Dighton Design, we designed the website for Wariah but she is not prepared for the launch date … so here is the design for the “Coming Soon” page until it is ready for the live launch.

Landing Page Design: Landing Page Design for a Busy Boston Pop Rock Band

Boston’s very own pop rock band, Love Via Dance Machine’s landing page design that includes social media feeds! Cool design with simple layout and clever media feeds and links allows for them to keep it current.

Landing Page Design: Landing Page Design for a Medical Practice

A medical practice in Fall River, Southeast Rehabilitation Associates, PC, is in the designing phase of their website. In the meantime, they have a landing page design that includes their two office locations, their phone numbers and a little information on what their practice does! Clean design with simple layout and map links allows for them to have a web presence without waiting for the full launch.

Full Website Design: Website Redesign for a Mansfield Church

Done with the design phase of  Edgewood Church of Christ’s website … now we are in the development phase! It will soon look like Edgewood, and no more stock photography people!!

Full Website Design: Website Redesign for SuperCoups Franchise

Done with the design and development phase of  SuperCoup’s website re-design … now we are developing the site further. Look for future updates! We are Super thrilled with the results.

Full Website Design: Boston Area Company Gets a Website Redesign

Nova Restoration’s website design is in the development stage; now live. The redesign of their template-looking site is coming along and looking sharp and current.  We even designed their twitter page for them and their youtube page and set up their wordpress blog. Whew! We are that good!!

-Fran Linden, Creative Director at Dighton Design


Dighton Design is a Boston to Providence area graphic designer that creates designs for print and web needs.


Some YouTube Video-Making Tips for Use on Your Website

September 15, 2011 Comments Off on Some YouTube Video-Making Tips for Use on Your Website

People are visual learners.  They can learn a lot about your product or service with a well-thought-out video. When visiting your website, the visitor can get a quick idea of what you do with a YouTube video.

Here are some tips for creating an effective YouTube video for your website:

  1. STORYBOARD: Create a storyboard and think through your message. This will save time in the end and keep you focussed. Simple and short is best.
  2. TIMING: Keep your video timed at one minute or less. Most viewers can commit to seeing a 60 second video. Any more that 60 seconds, they might not watch.
  3. MUSIC: Add interesting music; instrumental is preferred. Words could distract from the visual.
  4. PICTURES: Your picture quality should be excellent, not pixelated. This will demonstrated your professional approach, especially if you are featuring a product or service.
  5. PUBLIC: When creating your YouTube video, make the video “public” not “private” if you want non-youtube account holders to see it, too.
  6. FOCUS: Consider a theme.  Instead of general theme like “clothes” choose “caring for men’s neckties”.  This will focus the viewer on the area they are interested in the most and keep the video shorter. This way you can create a series of videos that will be focussed and useful.
  7. DEDICATED: Have a dedicated account for your business or website. You do not want viewers to see your family vacations!
Have more tips for YouTube creations? Do share!

The Keys to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Web Design

June 4, 2011 Comments Off on The Keys to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Web Design

A website is not a word document or an online brochure. It is a dynamic and active presence that reflects your business. Your company’s website is today’s storefront. Just like you would keep a storefront window fresh, modern, relevant and interesting, you should treat your website the same way.

Search engines are looking for the best guess that the searcher of a “storefront” is most likely seeking. For your business to be ranked high on that list, involves some thought and effort on your part.

The keys to search engine optimization, in the design of your website, include a search-friendly design, proper meta tags, a content management system, social media integration, new and relevant and interesting content and regular improvements and updates to your website.

  • Search-Friendly Design includes elements that that people and search engines like. Imagine, for your business, what people might search for. List those key terms. Look at what you find and see what the competition has and you do not. Think about ways, that over time, you can integrate those elements into your website. Be sure to include a search-feature on your website and a site-map.
  • Key Phrases or Words Coded in the Meta Tags allow optimal searchability. Imagine, for your business, what people might search for. List those key terms. Are they in your meta tags? Are they in your content? Also, include a naming habit of your images. If you are a furniture store, people won’t search for picture_a or room_b, but they will search for leather couch or modern living room. Getting in the habit of better image naming adds to better searchability.
  • Content Management System (CMS) Set-Up allows you the ability to add new content yourself and keep people coming back for more.  This can be achieved by setting up a blog on wordpress or blogger.  Think of how you can help your customer with some free advice or tips.  Include them in a regular basis on your blog.  Let them know, through your content, that you are a professional that they can rely on.
  • Social Media Integration is the trend.  Facebook, twitter, youtube, flickr, blogs and other social media sites play a role in establishing your company as relevant and fun.  Creating games and widgets for your customers or potential customers can create a buzz, interest and keep your business name ranked high.
  • Content Development and Copywriting by creating new and unique content or stuff your customers will want to read, demonstrate to people and search engines that your business is relevant.  If you sell furniture, your whole site and content and verbage should be about furniture.  Developing categories and how-to’s and FAQ’s about furniture need to be included in your website.
  • Website Development Improvements are necessary to keep your website interesting and fresh.   Updating it over time will help to achieve higher rankings.  Keep your domain name expiration current (not to expire within a year, for example), consider adding events and specials that change on a regular basis, update the how-to’s and FAQ’s and images regularly, and keep a web developer on staff or contract.
SEO for your Business' Website is Today's Storefront

SEO for your Business' Website is Today's Storefront

Keeping a presence on the web for your business is a “moving target”.  The industry is always changing and evolving.  Web professionals are always learning and staying relevant themselves. If you want an online brochure, then these steps are not necessary.  But, if you want higher rankings in search engines, then these steps will help you achieve that goal; they just require your involvement. If you have any advise or suggestions on this topic, do share. 

Fran, Owner and Creative Director of Dighton Design

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